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For Tenants: How to put your best foot forward for a Rental Application

Once you have found your ideal next home, you will be asked to complete a Rental Application. Here are a few tips to help you shine!

  • Fill out the Rental Application completely. Don’t leave anything blank.

  • Submit it as quickly as possible if you are interested. Waiting could cost you the opportunity.

  • Be truthful even if it is not positive. Good application screeners will find out and may disqualify your application for misrepresentation.

  • Give proper notice to your current landlord. Good tenants give their landlord the legal notice required that you are moving out of your current home before finding a new place to live. This will be important for your next Landlord know about you.

  • List all financial contributors to the rental payments and provide clear documentation for each. This can include paystubs, T4s, Notice of Assessments, Income Stubs or Statement from your My Service Canada Account showing income like the Child Tax Benefit.

  • Contact your current and past landlords to let them know they will be receiving reference calls for you and ensure the contact information you have for them is still up to date.

Have your application documents together and ready to go, the easier it is for the landlord to review your documents and application, the more likely you are to be approved. Each landlord will have their own application form, the information required will largely be the same and the more prepared you are the more likely your chances for success.

Want more information? Check out to understand leases, terms, tenancy and more.

Happy Home Hunting!

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