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Complete Properties is a real estate investment services company that includes investment property acquisition, property management,

and leasing.


Our team of professionals specializes in Real Estate Investing and the specific systems of buying, maintaining, improving, renting, managing and refinancing properties in the Hamilton and Niagara Region.


Our goal is to maximize the return on your investment, and give you the support you need to grow your portfolio.

We perform semi-annual property inspection  surveys, respond to tenant requests, and keep you informed through our online portals, monthly owners statements, and around the clock availability while leveraging the latest technology in property services to improve communication and visibility for your investment.

Property Assessment

We do a thorough property assessment when you join us as a Property Management client, each time there is a new tenant, as well as semi- annually to proactively manage your property.

Listing & Marketing

We use professional photographers, online advertising, syndicate rental listings, post our own

website, combined with marketing to our extensive network within the Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara Region community, to attract the best potential tenants.

Tenant Screening

Good tenants are the foundation of a great real estate investment property. At Complete Properties we have a multi-tiered, effectively-proven system for screening tenants.

Good Tenant Guarantee

For our property management clients, if a tenant that we placed leaves within 6 months of their lease start date on a standard 1 year lease, we will replace the tenant with all the usual screenings and standards at no additional charge to you, our client.

Tenant Experience

Our goal is to create and build excellent relationships with your tenants to both ensure their enjoyment of the home and improve tenant longevity. We strive to treat your tenants with the same level of care as we do with you, our clients, for everyone’s benefit. 

Lease Agreement

The Lease Agreement with a tenant is the key document to protect your investment and ensure tenant safety standards are maintained. We abide by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and utilize the standard Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) Ontario Lease along with our own proven amendments.

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