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For Real Estate Investors: Who is on Your Investment Property Dream Team?

No one succeeds alone. All great business owners, including real estate investors, have a team to support them in their success. Here is the WHO of a dream team that will support you while you grow your investment portfolio.

Real Estate Agent

airs, mortgage, closing costs and anything you need to spend money (expenses) is how you’ll decide before you firm up a deal if your investment will cash flow. The Agent can assist you with collecting all these numbers and if they are experienced in working with real estate investors, they likely have a spreadsheet that will calculate all of this for you in about 2 minutes. We have an Excel Spreadsheet called The Property Analyzer we are happy to share with you – just ask 😊


them out correctly and if you don’t then your submission will be rejected and you have to start all over again which could set you back financially. We as a business don’t mess around when it comes to legal matters with tenants. A strong paralegal will not only be family with the ins and outs of the RTAs, the forms and the rules but will have a wealth of experience that only someone who deals with the Landlord Tenant Board as regularly as they do could have. A Paralegal is worth every penny.


Toilet back ups, sewer back ups, leaking pipes and appliances can cause damage if left unresolved. Escaped water is a really big problem for homes. Sourcing and having a trusted plumber and perhaps even a backup plumber that you can call for urgent issues, which plumbing is often an urgent issue, could save you a lot of trouble when these emergencies arise.


If you are not handy, don’t live close to your investment property or lack the desire to do fix-it work, knowing a reliable handyman/woman is a person you want to know. Small jobs like squeaky doors, minor appliance fixes, small painting jobs, light plumbing, repairs, wear and tear and property upkeep.

Other Professional Services

Here is a short list of other service professionals you might need: Electrician, Snow Removal, Lawn Care Services, Garbage/Junk removal, Cleaners, Pest Control and Locksmith.

If you have a Property Management Company, they will coordinate all of these services for you – that is the value they add. Have questions? We are here to help – just give us a ring, text or email!

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