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Love Where You Live - Choose Your House on Line

In these unusual times, people still need a home. The good news is that there are safe, responsible and effective ways to move to your next home.

If you can choose your house online, you can choose your spouse online!

If you are looking to find your next home, here are some tips for Tenants and Landlords:

1. Have great pictures so people can see a rental property virtually. This provides an educated decision on if the unit is worth seeing

2. Get Pre-approved. Credit Checks are a routine part of Tenancy. Many Landlords use If you are a potential Tenant, you could proactively provide this.

3. Once a potential Tenant likes the unit from the pictures, we can take them through a Virtual Walk through. So fun!

4. If a potential Tenant is ready to walk down the aisle and really commit, we recommend that there is no more than 2 people allowed in to a unit at one time. No children permitted for their own safety, and no touching of lights, furniture, doors - anything. Gloves, Masks are amazing if you have them.

5. Finalize the application process and VOILA! Love Where you Live!

Should you have questions, please call or text at 905.920.7886

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